Moon in aspect to MIDHEAVEN

When the Moon comes to the very top of your chart and crosses into your 10th house, you can feel very motivated and on purpose in regards to making changes that develop or further your career. You will also be aware of security issues AND the need to have more balance in your life between work and home.

You may also feel very sensitive and TOO much in the public eye. This transit may bring something that you have not considered, such as a step or an aspect of your career that now is under the spotlight and causing you to feel uncomfortable! You may question your career or question your purpose, or feel conflicted with what you are here to do in life. And that is okay! This is just moving you to QUESTION your life purpose, and the discomfort MOVES THINGS. So trust this. Discomfort is NOT a negative thing!

If you are prepared, this energy should feel marvelous and like you are really opening to insight, attention and opportunities from others who are wanting to further your cause. And if you are not prepared, you will want to hide from that spotlight that is showing you all that you still need to do. You may also experience a career decision that is difficult to make.

You will likely also face something that relates to mothering or to the thoughts you still hold from your childhood times. If this happens and you had a strong and protective mama, then you will feel very empowered to move forward in life. But if you remember a mom who was harsh or hurtful, then you may wake at this time to how you PUSH OTHERS AWAY and do not allow them into your life. Take note of this! This energy is coming to your awareness in order for you to write a new story with your future! Think of this energy as a reboot!


THE MIDHEAVEN REPRESENTS your career or outermost expression of self that was created FROM the environment in which you grew up.

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