Moon in aspect to BLACK MOON

During this time you will awaken to something that you need to see about yourself. It may come through a situation where you are triggered or irritated about something you see in someone else. The reason it is seen in someone else is BECAUSE this one is rather hidden and not totally in our faces. It tends to be a bit illusive. For example, we may be in an argument with someone else but what we are feeling triggered by IN THEM is something that we are also doing but are unable to see about ourselves at this time.



This one describes our power, but it is a power that we can only awaken to when we are fully able to OWN and hold this power. This will be a place where we sort of tap dance around and don’t really believe that we have all the gifts in regard to its placement in our chart.

This also represents the story of Lilith, who was created at the same time as Adam, but she was so feisty and spirited and would not tolerate being submissive in the relationship. So Lilith took off in order to live life HER WAY and to live her highest calling, and Eve was created for Adam instead. But oh yes, this IS our power and it IS what we will be breathing out to others when the time is JUST right. The Black Moon revealed my power to me when I was about 40, so understand that this one is similar to Saturn with its need for us to mature and wise up before we are granted the power held within the energy of the planet.

With this symbol the Moon is backwards and black because of its hidden quality in our life. But you can see it balances on the holy cross, the four directions, and it’s grounded into the Earth. This power of ours is “turned on” when the time is just right for US. This is also sort of a trophy symbol as the Black Moon is held up high and something to be VERY proud of... we just have to wait until it gets turned on. There is nothing we can do to turn it on except walk the Earth Walk and be humble with all the lessons that appear on our path.



Use this symbol when you are feeling very humble and WANTING TO LEARN A LESSON AT HAND. Do not even attempt this energy if you are in the ego or need to be right. This one is only for when you are the apprentice and are open to keeping it real in seeing what is keeping you from holding power in this world. Use this symbol to be shown the truth of what your ego is keeping from you. This one is about the truth. This symbol is VERY powerful. When you meditate with it, imagine that you are opening to this power and you are ready to receive the visions.



I am open to seeing something about my personality that is not in alignment with my ultimate dream.
I am going to live up to my highest purpose.
I am on the journey to become the Cosmic Being.
I am humbly facing my lessons.
When my power is bestowed upon me, I will dutifully serve the people.
I am going to follow the path of my passion.

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