Moon in Aries

I am Aries. I am a force to be reckoned with as I see and do with the clarity of my heart's desire. I think like the baby who has needs and speaks them without shame and blame. I see the way you need to be and I sometimes cross boundaries because I like things to go my way. I am leader energy and here to assert. 


  • People will feel sexual, with a sense of urgency.
  • People will be feeling confident to just move forward and do what needs to be done.
  • People will be feeling antsy and anxious, almost jittery, like with too much espresso.
  • All things are happening FAST, FAST, FAST at this time.
  • People can be overly aggressive and kind of rude!
  • People will be feeling ready for change…. NOW! 
  • People will be having the desire to start over.
  • There may be possible anger if things are going slowly or people have to wait. LOTS of quick tempers! Fiery anger!
  • People will possibly want to go full speed ahead, giving very little thought to anything except moving forward.
  • People will be thinking of self first, ME ENERGY, and not even noticing others.
  • People may feel a new and hopeful energy that can pull them out of a stuck situation.
  • People will be acting first and thinking later. (uh-oh energy)


  • Put YOU forward in some way. Step up. Show yourself. Be courageous and just do it!
  • Make the decision to come OUT of depression or sadness. INTEND that you are creating a new start and a new day.
  • Make a decision that involves moving forward where you were stuck before and couldn’t decide.
  • Initiate action in some area of your life. Put a plan into motion.


    Start off to the left and make the shape of a V, but with curved ends. Think of these as ram horns. This is an ENERGY SYMBOL and it will energize you or whatever you are thinking about.



    Draw or meditate with this symbol when you need FORCE, ENERGY or DETERMINED ACTION.



    Nothing will stop me.
    I am up for this challenge.
    I will win.
    I can do this.
    I have what it takes.
    I call in energy to get my body moving.
    I am taking independent action.

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