Oh moon! We love when you go FULL in LIBRA and when you get us to really think about justice and how to put things into more harmonious spaces. This is when you can get REALLY upset about what is not working in your life, as you may feel that some areas are lacking and not enough is functioning as planned. This moon tends to bring anger to the surface where we are DONE with messing around as we have strong feelings rising on which way things need to be moving. But this new decision or direction is being provoked out of you and the reason you are so adamant on change is because something is at capacity and NEEDS to be reprogrammed. THIS is an ending point that needs YOU asserting a new plan or configuration. And it IS time for you to do it your way.

We also are REALLY thinking about our own importance or sense of feeling valued in the world. What we used to chase after to give us the feeling of value is not going to be what we seek for now. This energy is to revolutionize our patterns and ways of being so that we manifest better futures to walk and enjoy. We used to think there was not enough to go around so we were happy with certain things and have grown to be okay with just getting by or something giving us just a slight glimmer of hope or empowerment. A little was enough in the old world days but now we want more – and we know we deserve it.

This new inner steam is going to be what you need to manifest what you dream. We just needed to see you angry enough to get up and get going towards the dream. Accept that we rise through things that annoy us and that don’t make us happy. We don’t rise and change until we are forced into it or until we get so close to the edge that we HAVE to make a new move. So don’t look down on what makes you feel out of control because it is the gateway to you seeing that you deserve something better. Complacently won't move you and it may be trauma keeping you shocked and thinking you can't do anything to change what is.

Be in this confusing space and just wait for inspiration to show you the way. You are NOT ALONE in this process, and while in limbo, you are waiting for other pieces to land to show you which way is best for you. BUT – if you are stopped in THIS energy, it is because you are thinking too much of others and what they would think instead of what you feel is the best thing to do. Old world rules were made to be broken in these times.

So, don’t fall back on status quo programming that says women can’t do physical or emotionally demanding jobs and men are weak if they cry or talk about feelings. Don’t fall back into old world ideas like marriage is the main point and you can't be powerful and successful on your own. Don’t fall back into fearful ideas on where you should be when ultimately, they are NOT working for you and haven’t EVER been what has worked for you. Don’t look to the old world that is falling away quickly to be what is the handbook of your greatest story.

There is something new here and it needs you loving yourself and valuing your existence in order to then see that you DO have a place in the world, and you CAN expect to be happy. The magic begins inside of you, and it WILL create a new world to be lived outside of you.

So go within and plant love because you are NOT too far gone, and you have NOT made too many mistakes that would deem you a failure in life. Turn that frown upside down because you are getting your interpretations from the wrong source – and no matter how the old world wants to make you feel small and insignificant, love and light still is the truth of who you really are.


You are so much better
than they wanted you to believe.
But now it's time to set your spirit free.
There is a new way to be
to think
to love
to interact
to create.
The song of your heart
You are never again to negate.




MOON DEGREES: 4 to 16 Libra


NUMEROLOGY:    1  6  7 



16 degrees Libra
10:33 PM Mountain | 12:33 AM Eastern (the 6th) | Sydney, Australia 2:33 pm (the 6th)
Wednesday 5 April/ Thursday 6 April



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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.