Wednesday 29 March

OKAY THEN! This day is SUPER emotional for many of you where you will feel hyper sensitive and responding in ways that you don’t really feel good about. It's like a night owl who is being forced to get up early and they can't help but express how irritated they are. Like, where things don’t fit, we are feeling rubbed raw and not happy about what is in front of us. BUT. Some of you are going to feel really at home in the energies and you’ll want to be working on things that deal with gaining new support and asserting towards something that is so YOU and so how we need things to be.

Basically, what I feel from this energy is that the sleepy, grumpy pants will start to rise later in the day. And they do have much to look forward to because those who woke up today good to go should be feeling marvelous at really seeing that IT IS NOT TOO LATE and you are NOT too old and you have NOT missed your boat -- and IN FACT, the best boat ride is about to grace your eyes and mind.

Something is VERY comforting around the corner, and it comes from us doing things our way and really honoring what feels good in our body. Today feels like a reward from what you have been working on for months in getting clear in listening to your body language and to what is a yes or no in your system. As we have been learning to value the way our body speaks to us, through finally hearing, we are destined to make drastic moves that get us out of what was sucking us dry and leaving us feeling too wounded to rise.

At this time many of you are finally vibrating in such a way that a new good wave of energy will start to hit you. It is remarkable how life is, but truly we mostly gain from letting go. It always deals with us letting go of our wound reactions, our addictions, needing to know everything, needing to be what others what us to be, letting go and letting our ego NOT have to be the one dominating.

One thing I love so much now is that I always give way to others. In stores, on the road, at the 4 way stops, anytime I come together with the same timing, I want to let them go first. And it feels so good to pull back that ego move that needs to be first or ahead or not stopped by anyone or anything else.

The ego has this addiction to ME and MY and it always sees from a warped perspective – focusing on a small sliver of the curve, saying it is straight, which it DOES appear straight in small slivers, but with all slivers considered, it is a curve. The ego sees only the slivers. And I can tell you that just doing a new pattern, around allowing others to go before me and not needing to push my way to the first, is SO SOOTHING to the soul. You stay brittle and bitter if you need to always be first, and when you just let it all go, and let others go, you feel how sweet IT FEELS somatically in your body to let others go first. It’s like giving them a gift. And, WHO KNEW. None of us know until we start coming out of the lines and being better humans with our attention and time. GIVE and you will receive. It is the theme of 2023.

The cycles have changed.
We are in a new season.
The old no longer rules your mind
As the new is planting seeds
For your rise
into what will be
The best times of your life.

When you give, you receive.
It is the theme of 2023.
It’s time to awaken to your
Humanitarian vibes
And to see that the act of giving
Activates your magical genie
Granting wishes of the most divine.
How can you give? How can you help?
How can you be of assistance to
The people who are here today
On your path for great purpose.

Every day, lead that way.




MOON DEGREES: 10 to 21 Cancer (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  2  3



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