Oh MOON! We LOVE when you go new in Sagittarius because you get us to see a new view on what we HAVE been traveling through. This is when SUDDENLY the insight and shifts of internal energy takes place. MOST of you are going to notice that things started to change over the last 24 hours and now you ARE holding more faith for a bright future to come. What is important about this new moon is that it is the 3rd piece of the eclipse story, and it ultimately sums up what our next 6 months will be. So today is one you want to work into the best position because it is somehow providing the foundation for what you WILL be launching into over the next half year.

As we have told you over the last few readings, it HAS been extra intense for you all because you need to see what old patterns are keeping you locked in unsavory manifestations that keep pulling you backwards and into the places you most never ever want to again be. You all have seen the extremes and are left feeling powerless because you need to MOVE and adjust from what is making you feel insignificant or as if you can’t make a difference.

Life is a series of small adjustments that get our boat turned around and going into the direction of our dreams.  2022 was the year we merge, and merge again, and merge even some more, IF it is required to get us uprooted from what is sucking the life out of our hope for a better day. So EXPECT that things are not going to remain how you THOUGHT they would be, but surrender because this IS for your best, and chasing old paths isn't going to provide the new view you dream for.

ALSO. You are going to be taking a leap of faith over the next 6 months -- and you are waking to this wisdom around today. So know that you are moving to a new location and you won’t have proof of success until you jump and trust that where you land will be what supports you in the best of ways. BUT the idea to jump comes and hits you awake around this new moon. SO if you feel like you have to go, YOU DO NEED to assert towards going to something that feels good and feels like it is the area you most want to expand into. It’s time to grow into what honors you and makes you feel alive in how you want to share something that brings understandings and collaboration and working for the education of how to be the best humans we can be. 

If you are NOT where you need to be in order to grow into your full potential, the road blocks appear now. Smile at them because they are not here to scare you, they are here to show you how powerful you are and that you don’t have to stay just because this is the only way you currently think is available. It’s time to set your sights on the farthest point on the highway and TRUST that you will get to where you put your attention towards. This change is going to be VERY good for you. Listen to your heart to color in the ways you hope your next landing will be.



MOON DEGREES: 22 SCORPIO to 6 SAGITTARIUS (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)







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