Oh moon! We love when you go Full in Libra and get us to really think about our wounds and how we feel disrupted by the influences of others. This can be a time when you draw sharp boundaries around recognizing who makes you feel alive and who makes you wonder. This is about who makes you feel like yourself and who leaves you in limbo and wondering what YOU need to do to make things better. We are in the space of thinking about the role we have in the eyes of others and IF we want to continue on, OR, make a break and give way to what was not harmonious and naturally flowing.

We are to see that who is around us is contributing to our feelings of self, and if there are battles on the outside, then there will be battles on the inside. And, if there are battles on the inside, there will be battles on the outside. There is a wave to this energy that wants us to see and think about WHO we take into our lives and IF this is something that really behooves us. I always want you to know that if you have ONE GOOD friend, you are good to go. We don’t need twenty people where we OFTEN feel other things and are in some way compromising to be in the relationship. No. You need one good friend and that is enough. Quality over quantity every day of the week.

Now. We also are really thinking about how we personally need things to be, and it will be moving you to make changes that value your time and space. So expect to see some dramatic uprisings because we are seeing that things DO NOT FEEL GOOD and that we don’t have to keep going for what will never give us what we need. Our wounds get us chasing the same bad reactions and we also have parts of ourselves that believe in what the wound triggers. If you don’t feel loved, you will do things that make people not love you. BUT. It’s not your fault!!! It is just that when we see something, we expect to keep seeing it. Most people who did not grow up feeling valued push people away who want to value them.

So we are to see what trap cycle we are stuck in and to STOP allowing the wound attractions to be what we mostly see. Something needs to change deep inside of you, and it will be about knowing that NOW you attract harmonious situations into your life. NOW you get to see what supports and empowers you. It’s time to grow a new story around the people in your life where you DO attract those who want to assist you.

Also do know that feelings are heightened today for you to REALLY see what is going on. Things will seem bigger than what they actually are. Be with the magnifying glass and let go of some old role that got you attracting what feels depleting to your soul. What you see needs to be given another expected outcome that you NOW believe to be true. Take what feels low and give it room to grow into a better new pattern to manifest for you.


Things feel STRONG today

For good reason.

Take what feels low

And give it room to grow

Into a better new pattern to manifest for you.

What you see needs to be seen.

But NOW it needs to rise into

What IS the dream.




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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.