Oh loves. Today is SO IMPORTANT!!!! Now, where we are is that we need you being very vocal in standing your ground and bringing your truth, BUT you are to NOT try to dominate anyone or live through your ego in needing to be right or first. This is a huge test, and I want you to read yesterday’s reading again in order to think about starting a new pattern around letting others go before you. It’s about not asserting your importance or privilege into always needing to be ahead of others.

It's important that we are starting to pull back our programmed ways of getting angry when we have to wait or not thinking of others because all we can think about is OUR day and OUR schedule and OUR things to do. I talked a few days ago about how I ALWAYS see lost animals, like, they just find me, and it's a weekly event. And I do NOT enjoy this because it stresses me, but I often have to stop what I am doing and go help a dog. I have to reschedule my immediate plans because there is a another dog in the road who needs SOMEONE stepping up and doing what is right. I WISH more people were doing this so that it wasn’t so much on the shoulders of the few who really are tormented by seeing a dog on the loose.

We have grown addicted to wanting others to take care of things and for us to have as little responsibly as possible. We always just look the other way and act like we don’t see who or what needs us to stand up and show that we care. I am always trying to get you to not be a greedy punk ass in looking at people on the street as less than or beggars who just need to get a job. They need help! IT IS SO EASY to tumble and collapse and lose it all through a few wrong moves in the system that LOVES to keep people down. We are not to be the judge of who does whatever, but we are to take notice that when others are in need, their vibration is on the floor, it is sub floor, it is lower level parking garage. It is not high vibe in any way – yet they contribute to the pools of what manifests for us ALL on Earth!! So we will NEVER be at peace on Earth if they are on the streets. And they are out there looking for SOMEONE TO CARE so that their vibration can rise in seeing that they are not alone.

SO. Today needs you being a better human through how you handle what arrives on your path. Something will hit you deep and you may go into fear, but where we need you is walking like how you wish others would be, and exhaling what is good and just and NOT totally self-centered and oblivious to the rest. So walk tall and bright and see that you are influencing it all. You are an influencer for the old world who needs a guide showing them the way. YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT – beyond what anyone has told you before. Like, without you, nothing will change. So go to your heart and feel what you would want others to do if you were in their situation. Just try to be the love that you are and give something freely.


Be a sharp shooter

And see what needs you

Being a better human

To show by example

That another way can be done.

Without you,

Nothing changes.

With you,

Life will rise in others.

Is there anything better than that?

Give life  and you will GET the best life.

With a 100% return policy.


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