SUNDAY 23 April

You for sure are going to be running into others today and it is going to change your idea of where you thought you would be heading. Something may come to an end, and it will have you feeling sensitive and questioning your worth. BUT --- do not give up because clarification is on the way! This means you may have wanted to do a project or had plans for some move, but there is a better way to do this!

You may feel like you are in trial and error -- and that is okay. You need to walk some things to try them out before discovering if they really are a good fit for you. I now know that I need 2 weeks before making any decisions as things can be AMAZING up until that point when then they suddenly break apart and show red flags. I even only signed a one-month lease at my current home because I connected that my recent homes were only good for the first 2 weeks and then they became toxic. And I’ve been at my new home for 4 months and it is nothing but harmonious! So I passed the test and can now stay here forever! But I did have to approach it in a new way because of what I learned about things being superficial and wonderful up until the point when the truth was revealed.

So think about your own patterns and how you do need extra time with decisions or you have been shown certain traits or characteristics that need YOU walking the situations differently. From so many illusive conditions where I was IN LOVE to begin, and then 2 weeks later suddenly wanting to get out of there, I’ve just learned to go slower before buying into what I believe I am seeing.

So allow the messages today to show you something about your love nature or your needs or what you can do to value yourself when making decisions with others in mind. You don’t have to be carried away because others want you to be good and NOT rock their boats. If something doesn’t feel good to you, you have every right to stand up and make decisions around what values you. Actually, if your creative ideas are stopped, it is just because you are compromising too much and what you were thinking was not sustainable. There is another way, and it just needs you to go silent and think about what you would really love to do. If you feel blocked, write out some new plans for how to get back on track. Also, think about what you naturally give to others and play around with ways to support yourself by doing what you already organically do.


There is a lot to learn

And a lot to talk about today.

Go with the flow

And see how it inspires you

To create more value in your day.

You are worth more than you know

And you deserve to be surrounded

With mirrors of love.

What you see is to guide you

Into making a healthy change of scenery.


The next 2 weeks explained.

Here is the support you wish you had.

Star Rise Guide #176


Star Rise Guide #176

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