You may feel a bit off today as memories will be flooding your system about choices you made in the past. This feels like a huge wet blanket that comes in to soak us in the sadness of regrets. Be the witness to these feelings but try not to beat yourself up because you made all the best moves when you made them. Go back and see that you did NOT think of doing it how you would do it today – and that is okay. See where you took a turn to protect yourself or to process something you didn’t understand and dedicate a new plan of correction.

Today is going to align you to synchronicity where there is something for you to see. This may deal with old friends or groups you used to be a part of. Something is triggering you to make an upgrade of a move that you wouldn’t have made in the past, but now you understand THIS is the best thing to do. You may see someone in a challenge that you were in before and seeing this as they walk it helps you see how to bring corrections to your own situation. Expect to learn tons today and for it to get you feeling like you don’t have a home in the world, but then to see that you DO. It means we may get yanked down but the whole test is about us pulling ourselves back up and making the best use of the time we DO have left.

If you feel like you are too old and something can't be done, just know you are transforming the thoughts you hold that are old-world thoughts trying to keep you small. You were manipulated to think you are in your prime before you actually get there! You were conned into thinking a potato half cooked is what you are going for WHEN IN FACT you need to cook that baby for twice as long! If you think you are ready to go out and soar in the world, you probably have twice as much work to do before you will really reach the summit of your dreams. We need to slow down and do all the work because something happens to our bodies when we get older that is NOT THERE when we are younger.

Truthfully, we inhale and take life in for several decades before we can exhale and embody the truth of our wisdom. So slow down and enjoy the ride!!!! The whole point is that your mind thinks one thing, but your body knows best. And it's why you want to push yourself towards these ideals that others have carved out that keep you losing steam regarding your potential. But the mind is not to be trusted because it is the one thing that can be 100% manipulated, controlled and convinced to see what is not even there. Our minds are what get us into all the trouble! Our bodies NEVER lead us into ANYTHING that would hurt us. Only our minds do that.


What you see

Means something today

And it tells the story

Of what you will have one day.

Celebrate the success of others!

Play in your mind

About how you will have the same thing

-- And how divine that will be!  

See that others are showing you the way.

The next 2 weeks explained.

Here is the support you wish you had.

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Star Rise Guide #176

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