Today is going to be about getting you to show up in a new way where you are coming out of the lines in what you have shown before. It is a great day to assert with your creative ideas on how you want your life to be. It is when we are starting to want to play more in life and to use our time in better ways. This is going to mark a huge shift where you start to hear about people wanting to learn new crafts, make things or just get in touch with meditative ways to spend their day.

When we are knitting or sewing or painting, we don’t really think about much else. We tune into this sweet space that just has us enveloped in the process of our artful expression. So do what you can to beautify things or to get out and draw LIKE YOU USED TO when you were younger. We are somehow returning at this time, and we will be going back to what used to give us joy.

NOW. Be aware that something about today or tomorrow marks a 7 year pattern change. SO think about where you were 7 years ago and the decisions you were making. This is to be when you level up on something from back then, but where you learned HEAPS that now has you changing things a bit. This is not saying that you necessarily made the best decision, but you are to somehow grow from it around NOW. It could be that something broke apart or some path was suddenly altered, but NOW you will start to finally surrender and let go and see why it had to be. If you can do some art AND think about what changed 7 years ago, you will be in a really great place today!!! And you will not feel the same by the end of the weekend as it will be like a coaching session where you move on and get on with what before may have plagued you with doubts or fears.

NOW LOVE is also really showing up in the energy today!!! If you are looking, please be out and about and flirt with the potentials. If no one crosses your path, then work with a creative project and think about the love you want to have in your life and think about really enjoying having someone who resonates with you.

But also, be aware of blocks you hold that COULD be eclipsing the potentials! I was thinking about myself and how I was born with Venus in the 1st house in Aquarius trine Uranus in the 9th house in Libra, in the most powerful mutual reception, and I have not ever really been focused on romantic love and having babies – I have always been more focused on making a difference in the world. Even porn is a total turn off to me! Like, if it is a live event and I am in the room watching, then YES, it is a turn on. But some acted out fake example of people having sex, or people being violated in actuality, is NOT ever going to turn me on. Therefore, my computer has NEVER visited any porn sites and you won't find that in my google search!

But I also have thought about how I LOVE sleeping in the bed alone and even when I was younger, I said, if I get married, we have to have 2 houses or 2 separate places that I can really just be alone – because I LOVE being alone. Like, there are NO sad days or lonely days for me. And you have to be INCREDIBLE and totally harmonious to my system to make it into my life because I cherish my time and don’t just give it away. BUT! I do foresee some partners keeping me busy in the near future and therefore I have to examine my blocks of being so independent so I can make space for them to get near me.

So look at ways YOU TOO are comfortable being single or not having kids or not being in the dramatic emotions of being in love. And see how YOU need to change some things so as to attract what would make you happy. If you already are in love, then apply this to a creative passion of yours. What needs to change IN YOU to get your work out into the world and into the eyes of others? We are in a GREAT SPACE to really get out of our way. This weekend is golden.


There is something in you

That needs to come through

That has been hidden by blocks

Created in thinking

This will NEVER be your thing

And you will NEVER be able to make a living

Doing what you dream.

See what stands in the way

And break it down

So the sun can find your seeds

For flowers to be

that are here to love on YOU unique.  


It is time to bring more ease into your life.

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