MONDAY 10 April

This day is to offer so many of you RELIEF. It is when something finally moves and there is light to be seen where before you saw darkness. It can be that finally this door opens when you have been waiting forever trying to see the way. Whatever happens today was to be inspired from what triggered you over the past 2 days. Now is when you let it go and move on and see from some higher perspective.

Also. Do know that our relationships are the gateway to us healing our wounds. And it will be that you often throw things away or you see yourself with value IN letting someone else go. We were conditioned to believe we are more powerful when we say no to others because we don’t resonate with them. WHEN IN FACT, the whole point of our life lessons is around NOT BEING TRIGGERED and so reactive to others where ultimately, we are wanting to control them. If you have to walk away with a pointing finger in judging another, you are trying to control them, and since they are not abiding, you are sweeping them out of your life.

BUT what if the whole point was that you are learning to just let people be who they are WITHOUT trying to be the authority over them in thinking they need to be set straight. I have grown to love being around people who trigger me where now I work with them to not be so triggered myself. I’ve also noticed that most of us show our shadows in the early parts of relationships and MOST of us keep on swiping as we look at that as NOT good enough for us.

BUT. What I have found is that when I don’t judge what they show me, we end up getting around a hurdle that reveals they are actually really awesome people. That hurdle is the test and most of you will run with the wind, and you will NOT try to make things work or come to an understanding. AND THEN. You run into the same relationship pattern again and again – fooling yourself into believing that standing up for yourself in putting them down or out of your life was the test.

NO. When you are really healed, you don’t divide. You don’t put others down. You only turn on your heals when you are wounded – and they hurt you. So they need to be punished by NOT getting you. That is a wound reaction! That isn’t your power position! You hurt me so I will hurt you is NOT healthy or loving or compassionate -- and in no way is it a healed expression. We ARE to work together and if the ships need to pass in the night, we are to do it with a calm and considerate energy and not one that has a door hitting them in the ass on the way out. Face your truth because most of us still have this low vibing pattern inside that wants others to feel pain, to suffer, to get what they deserve – as per your wounded ego voice.

When you can be around those who can get you to go low, and YOU DON’T, you are healed. Until then, you got work to do. So EMBRACE those who rub you raw, and do everything you can TO NOT JUST THROW THEM AWAY because they are coming as a messenger of what is fractured IN YOU that needs them to be some certain way or they are OUT.

Would you want to be treated this way? Would you want someone to judge your wound reactions as something that they want NOTHING now to do with? Wouldn’t you want them to understand where you are coming from and that the wounded DO tend to push good things away? Wouldn’t you want them to give you a chance? Then start giving this first and you WILL attract people who wait patiently through the waves of learning to relate with each other. I know most people I talk to now have no friends. And I say it's all because we think we are better when we push others out and declare our boundaries. But this is a WALL. Boundaries are to be delivered with love and with clarity at the FIRST SIGN of a warning. Walls push people away and walls keep true love at bay.


Boundaries are to be delivered with love

and with clarity at the FIRST SIGN of a warning.

Walls come after resentment.

They push people away

and keep true love at bay.

Walls encourage old patterns to repeat.

Boundaries transform old patterns

Into new peaceful relations.

Before you wall people out and cancel away

Face that until you draw healthy boundaries

The challenges will continues to stay.




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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.