FRIDAY 21 April

GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ What a day! Now. This eclipse season starts with a bit of a punch in really getting us to see what needs to change. What we most will feel is that people want the world to change but they aren’t willing to accept how they need to change. We want world peace, but we aren’t walking in the ways of grace, from what we say in our minds to what we put in our bodies. There are discrepancies.

Just like with animal abuse situations, most people want to look away and not have to actually change what is an addiction. We love the taste of meat, but we would never eat it again IF we saw how the animals were treated behind closed doors. IF you knew, NONE of you would eat meat. But it's so much easier to not think about that and to look the other way and enjoy how delicious meat is BECAUSE it hurts too much to face the truth. AND it requires that we change in order to bring about justice. And who really wants to change? We usually wait until we are sick with a disease and get the final notice that we HAVE to change, or we will die. Most of us need that sort of end-of-the-line provocation to get us to stop doing what we have been programmed to do.

Try to tell someone who smokes that it is dangerous, and they need to stop, but they won't until they are ready, or they get lung scans and HAVE to stop. Same with alcohol. Same with adderall. We are chasing pleasure because we can't stand to look at or feel pain, but the pleasures we are choosing come with tradeoffs that hurt us in the long run.

This current energy is trying to speed up our growth so that we get it TODAY and not 10 years from now. We all are saying yes to things today because we aren’t thinking of long-term effects -- which are happening. Adderall has some of the scariest long-term effects that documentaries are being created to warn everyone. But also understand that many of these things are new so we are just learning how they are affecting us in negative ways. We now have generations born under the influence of the internet and porn and living on pills to amplify self-confidence that is not yet there.

So we have to be the ones leading in better ways. Most people WILL NOT CHANGE on their own, so does that mean that you and I should just keep doing what is wrong because so many already are doing it? Because that is what people who DO want to change are saying. They say, but look at all the fast food restaurants serving up torture and chemicals making things taste even better -- how can we make a difference when so many are NOT going to stop what they are doing?

To this I say, focus on you and let that be all that matters. We do create ripples of change with our moves, but we can't wait on others to show us the way. We can’t say, well when THEY start bringing in their own grocery bags and stop wasting trees to just carry things from store to home, THEN I will do the same. We can only look out and see what is not being done, and start doing it now, with loud voices showing others the way. People either love or hate vegans -- but vegans are vegans because they have done their research about the abuse of farm animals. They don’t do it because they hate the taste of meat. They do it because they don’t want to be someone who votes for the pain of those who can't protect or decide for themselves. It is compassion that got them to their decisions. The people who are uncomfortable around them just don’t want to have to face the same truths. Don’t let that stop YOU from doing what is right. The masses are NOT leading correctly. They are leading us over the cliff to our demise. You KNOW what is good to do and you KNOW your body warns you or lets you know that some things are not okay.

The eclipse season wants you to be your best and you won't get there if you keep doing things that hurt your potential or well-being.


This energy can feel HARSH

In that it wants you to face

How you are hurting your potential

By doing addictive things

That you THINK bring satisfaction

In moments of feeling weak.

Where you escape, you need to relate in new ways.

Don’t chase what keeps you on the surface

And disconnected from what DOES create.


The next 2 weeks explained.

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