Oh hello SOLAR ECLIPSE in TAURUS!!! We LOVE when you ECLIPSE in Taurus and get us really feeling and thinking about what we deserve in life and how much around us is not what still gives us joy. Its when we think about money and stability and wanting something that supports us to then be with our creative gifts and to do what comes natural to us.

Whatever holds us back, and keeps us following along on the path that now no longer feels like heart and soul, breaks apart at this time from people speaking up and being strong in their throat about how DONE they are with certain things holding them back. Its when we will see people even getting super angry and lit to the point they show a side they have rarely shown before.

We really are supposed to allow our throat to speak what it needs to and to draw boundaries around what we feel in our body is telling us about a different way. This is when people will decide to create a new plot of land with which to grow their futures. Its about finally figuring it all out and coming up with the ideas that will help us grow something new that will need us dreaming for its arrival AND walking a whole bunch of steps to rebuild it into place.

If you feel low today, the lessons will be about you needing opportunities to arrive that will help you clear out the debris of what you have seen in your past that can NO LONGER be in your future. This is about devaluing yourself and taking less than things and how its now time to face these head on and walk yourself through them in a brand new way that isn’t fighting back. This also means you need to be patient for a little while longer as things come to be. But also patient in being clear about what you feel -- but not taking offense by how others feel. Do what you can to think that you are walking across a narrow bridge and others are trying to get you to fall. Just see that it’s a game and you need to patiently do this leg of the journey with a new garden in mind on how you navigate this. Focus on the new seeds that need you showing a side of you that is ready to start manifesting better things.

This also says we all will really be working on our finances over the next 6 months in regard to only buying what is valuable. This will be when the artists come out again and will feel a rise again from appreciation. We will want to buy handmade and from someone we can see. This eclipse really closes the door on the C’s (yesterdays reading) and it gets us wanting to grow this better world that deals with earth first and value through and through – not just on the surface. How wild is it that so many of the super inexpensive factory made things also have the toxins that most hurt us. The truth has always been there – we only now are seeing clearly.

So expect to start shopping different, focusing on local, looking forward to the farmers markets about to open, and WANTING to show support to people so that they continue to believe in themselves and grow sustainable businesses THAT THEN feed us. Its time to awaken to the circle of life and how your moves are getting you the world that you see. If you have to still pay back debts – do it with grace and face what doing so will upgrade you to a new level. ITS WORTH IT.

My loves, this is special time and you got to help move your life in order to see it grounded in this better way of your dreams.


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