APRIL 28 | Thursday

We got a big warning day here where something will come in to test you and check your response system. Its time to upgrade your responses through the test of today that wants to see if you really buy into outside stimulation or news on the internet or social media scrollings that THEN gets you to shift your whole vibration into believing that you are a loser and that you cant really manifest the life that you dream for. Think of it like going on a cross country road trip and you just got a flat tire.

So, use your newly awakened senses to see that this is slowing things down to open an opportunity up ahead. See that it all is for the win and that nothing ever again is actually out to hurt you. Its SO IMPORTANT today that we use the shift gear and actually put the pedal to the metal and go beyond the comfort zone of hugging onto our wounds and allowing them to keep derailing us. Feel in your body that you are wise beyond belief and that challenges today are merely getting you to show up and do things different in how you processed them in your past. You are to take enzymes and probiotics and do things to keep you seeing that nothing is out to break you and it IS NOT too much. It may be the antithesis of what you want … but, this is here for you on your life journey so that YOU finally see that you have every right to be here -- and SOARING naturally.

You need to know that there is life after death and there is life that awaits you choosing for a fresh start and something that really is what would make you happy. You may even feel taken back to old times where you still hold onto the scarcity fears that you don’t deserve something, or you were shamed into hiding and not asserting with what you feel. Ways that you crush your own sprit need to release and wake from the spell that others, in their unconscious ways, were truly not aware of. Just like the memories that have been coming the past week or so that remind YOU of how wrong YOU got it in your past. You know how that hurts to see and to also wonder, how did YOU get it so wrong back then?

This energy wants us to value that as we forgive ourselves and work to be better peoples, so are all the ones who put us in this position – or maybe they aren’t, but that’s not on you to focus on and take into your energy. The point is that its better to transform and rise better than stay hating all the things that forced you to need to transform. Its time to say, THAT was your old life, and THIS magnificent thing is going to be your new life. Go for what feels right in your body even if it goes against what you were raised to believe.

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