APRIL 2 | Saturday

Today is going to get you really feeling like you want to get up and face the darker matter things that you now are starting to see ARE holding you back in life. You MAY manifest some blow that makes you feel insecure in regard to fears you have been holding or with patterns where you haven’t really been facing reality.

You may feel like someone just opened your hidden closets and now all these things are here for you to deal with. Don’t get down on what brings you down. It is here to weigh heavy so that you decide to REALLY put one foot in front of the other and start doing more with the limited time you still have. We learned over the past few weeks that we have to have discipline in order to manifest our dreams. And we have to hold steady TO the vision of where we want to be AS we sit in a place where we don’t feel at home. The discomfort gets you to dream and it also is the reason you SO appreciate what you manifest when you reach the other side. We need the polarity of day and night and happy and sad in order to appreciate them all when they travel through our lives.

See today that what is here is here for a reason and if you can digest it in a new way, you will see an avenue of transformation that you can step into. You are NOT blocked and too far gone. You just need to sit in this chaos and be okay that you manifested it from not really speaking your voice and honoring that you have every right to be here. Allow the pressure to move you with clear communications that are seeking for a solution. If you believe that something is there, it will show up for you. Today wants you choosing for you and not looking at obstacles and surprise breakdowns as confirming you as a victim who is here to suffer. See the boulder in the road and let go of feeling down that it is here. Be happy for the strength it will provide you when you pass it on by.

You ARE being tested to see if you are so addicted to the easy life that you keep harming your potential because you think blessings are curses just because they slow you down and change your plans a bit. Do what you can to be the bull who is not going to back down just because the going feels hard. Are you going to stop the birth because its more painful than you planned? Do you all to see that challenges are like going to school and getting advanced degrees. All your hard work WILL pay off – but you got to stop pushing yourself back by dropping classes and thinking you don’t got it in you to get through this. Nothing is too much. It may be highly annoying and not what you wanted – but something about this needs you transforming FROM what it asks of you.


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