APRIL 15 | Friday

Today is going to feel a little wobbly for some of you -- and really creative and inspired for the rest of you.

So with the wobble, do know something is coming in to confuse you but for the purpose of getting you to see more sides that you weren’t really wanting to see. You may have been trapped in illusion and focusing on a few pieces of the 100 piece puzzle. What reveals is to get you a little unsure and questioning of things but to also humble you in seeing that if we get stuck on one side, our whole lives will fall out of balance! If we think, THIS IS IT, then we miss out on what is still out there that would calm our nerves and keep us from feeling so much anxiety because so much is in a contrast to what we think it is.

If you are in the wobble, you also are being tested to not use low words as you feel questioned or doubted of your creative abilities. Anything that makes you feel low needs YOU standing up with patient self-love and planting words that know the best is yet to come. You don’t have to take that wave and stay in the low because you feel pushed into this other space. GET UP and STAND UP for your future. You do not need to show it all right now in order to be a success and to love your life.

Those who are feeling really creative have made ANOTHER shift where they are waking to the power of their mind and in seeing how manipulated we can be to serve other means that don’t serve us, like with enabling things. You may be doing things around the house to bring in more beauty or will consciously be focused on wanting to see the harmony in all that is broken and just in need of healing. Your eyes will again be noticing that cracked is not the end of the world, and your mind will be noticing that you see for solutions on how to bring beauty to what just needs a new level of support.

You also may be really thinking about showing yourself in a new way such as with a new role. You can be thinking about what you have always wanted to do or will now come up with some clue as to how to do it. Something is to awaken in order to get you up and seeing that there was another side to why you held dreams in your past and NOW it feels like there is a way to connect things or bring two parts together so that you rise in how you want others to see you. What comes to your mind around this day is important and there IS a way to get to where you want to be BECAUSE of something that changes with you now.


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