APRIL 1 | Friday | The Month Overview.

This month is going to be our cosmic reboot where we all decide to start over and to seek for more things that add value to our lives. You may be hit with situations that get you looking into your past when you chose for things that did not value you. And now, you have manifested challenges that need to be cleaned up BECAUSE of what you allowed in when you were not so full of self-worth. 

Every single one of you is on purpose if you can say you would do so much different if you had the chance to go back with the wisdom of the higher levels we rise to through age. Moving past situations brings us strength that we did not possess while in them. And actually, we need all the varied situations in life so that we learn to move past them and discover the strength. We don’t just rise from ease and tranquility. We need the birth canal struggles getting us to really push for what we want to see happen.

This month we will be facing what damaged us in our past and that has led to future expectations of the same. We can wake up quickly from seeing that we can assert towards a better life where there is more love and less hatred. Expect to see many people at their worst during this time, but to also be wildly inspired in not wanting to engage in that game. You may feel surprised at how you use your throat in new ways where you aren’t too quick to speak from your wounds and instead will be inspired to let things go and pick your battles. There will be many triggers that deal with testing you to go low and use hurtful words that you wont be able to take back. There will be stiff punishments this month to teach you that you don’t need to correct others when they are just expressing their feelings and/or are not at all going to go your way and see your side of things. Its time to wisen up and really stay as a leader showing up as focused on bringing a new energy to things. Think about how you can move others to doing better instead of judging how wrong they are, and then acting unsavory in showing them how superior you are. 

This month learn to be quiet more because this shows that you value yourself, as from times past, I’m sure you have seen enough by now to know that all the fighting just keeps you mentally fixated for several days – taking your life away and giving it to someone who makes you feel furious. Level up in April by talking with grace when fights ensue and standing up in truth when others have been walking all over you. There is a new plan to lay out in how you speak with more self-love and choose for what values you. 

Today make manifesting wishes that deal with asserting things that really feel right to you, but not dominating others to get your way. Focus on starting over in life and letting go of anything from your past that before you thought was holding you back. Read the New Moon Readings per sign to get more insight into what seeds you should be planting at this time!


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