Moon in Taurus ~ WEDNESDAY July 12

Relationship things are up front and center today! There are A TON of 3D potholes to watch out for. Consider yourself warned.

But one golden rule is that I DO NOT WANT YOU fighting back or doing anything to explain yourself or put another in their place. DO NOT. This one is a rough test on our system where you can feel yourself sliding back 2 months in work done.

Like, this is the day to stay home or bubble wrap yourself so that you don’t even get triggered by another who IS THERE to test you. All the 3D people who are really set on keeping 3D as the only potential are attacking the light in trying to see if you will go back to your old ways, which were 3D.

Please see these people as actors today and think of this as the walking dead. But don’t stab them in the brain to get them gone -- rather, send them love and then YOU go on your merry way! Today needs you to value yourself and not fall for old-world tests that you KNOW you will never win. In giving your 2 cents to dirt talk, you give away the next few days where you will feel fixated on the dysfunction of clashing with someone who is not on your level.

Don’t be a bully in Grad School picking on someone in kindergarten. You may feel 5D because you are up in Grad School, but if you pick on ANYONE you are 3D again. It’s love, love, or that other thing, love. All complications heal through love. And if your throat speaks of hurtful things, it can really hurt you in this current energy.

So be the love that you desire to see in others and TRUST that you are not the one to set everyone straight. Trust that other things in life will wake them up to their toxic and hurtful ways, but also be compassionate because you were there too one day.

And we NEVER pick on those behind us or in front of us or right beside us. We don’t pick on people and try to see dirt in them because what it means is that there is dirt INSIDE OF US and through gravity, we fall into each other's lives to learn karmic lessons. What you hate in others is inside of you too.

So love that they triggered you, and love again as you move through NOT being triggered by them. There is a journey in between that will explain it all, but it needs you to get to the tree and surrender fully. We understand through silence. Enjoy the silence for what it brings.

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