Moon in Taurus ~ TUESDAY July 11

Aren't you glad the readings are back in your life again because here is ANOTHER big day that needs you walking the tightrope and NOT getting taken by others' energy.

People ARE coming into your day and crossing your path, but the manifestations will be polar opposite in people. You will either feel utterly unseen and with no value, OR you will feel FINALLY seen and FINALLY being valued. You will either call this day LOVE LOVE oh MAGICAL LOVE or you will say, fuck this shit, I’m done with ALL YOU being so wounded that you KEEP wounding me too.

So. Today is when you are to really break free from the 3D perspective that others are to blame for how you feel BECAUSE they hit sensitive spots in you.

We have to stop the control of needing others to be any particular way. So having them in the equation instantly pulls you down to 3D. Rather, all the attention needs to be on what got triggered in you. What devalued you and how did it make you feel? Then we just need you to go back to where it started and/or to when you also, at times passed, felt this same way.

THEN we need you to go out into nature and just sit against a tree while doing nothing other than being in a state of receptivity. Many of the healings taking place in our bodies need us doing the 5D GOLDEN RULE way of … ASK ---- BE LOVE --- AND THEN YOU RECEIVE.

We can’t ASK – then scroll social and be frustrated at the state of our lives that DO NOT match to what we see online with others celebrating their things – and then receive what we asked for.

We must BE LOVE in the middle of the dream and the manifestation. And this love is about waiting, trusting, and listening. It's about trusting that the Great Mystery LOVES YOU and wants you passing the test of Earth. Where there is karma and gravity, there are egoic tests to be learned.

But we are dealing with FIRST GENERATIONS doing healing work, in contrast to MANY generations of women never rising to power or having a voice or stopping the hidden abuse going on underneath their roof. Women have kept dark secrets and told each new generation that this is just how it is.

So we are the first ones ready to kick ass and NOT keep falling into the generational trauma that keeps us from getting up on the stages and writing the books and moving to the place WE KNOW will make us happy. That hard work, we have to do even harder because we are the first generations. I am GEN X and my friends were the pioneers of bridging being gay or queer or trans or however you want to express yourself as a being a beautiful and perfect thing. I was someone growing up who was shown that you couldn’t trust women, so I only had guy friends – which most of whom were gay. But I know their pain and saw their struggles. We don’t have that same thing in the world. FROM THEM WALKING IT HARD.

So. See that YES many of us are, again, walking it hard into the 5D, BUT we are making it easier on those behind us on the journey.

And THAT is love. To see others behind you succeed is 5D. To say, well I didn’t get to go to college for free, so why should YOU? Is locked in 3D. When you get confused with how you feel because it feels so low, the first question need be, how are you boxing yourself in and buying into the limitation of 3D? And how can you see this with love – because that is the only thing that will get you and keep you in 5D.

In these higher states where life feels magical and SOOO sooo good, LOVE is always the common denominator of each moment of each blissed out day. So go to LOVE as the cure-all to what ails. Salve yourself up in Rose Otto pure and feel the love vibration that gets you into the higher states.

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