Moon in Pisces ~ FRIDAY July 7

We have some STRONG ENERGY days coming and you need to be prepared! A wave rises today, and it can have you feeling really let down in life. You may start to think you might as well give up as there are too many obstacles in the way.

Remember. 3D is boxed in and 5D is freedom. So first off, every time we start to go low and give up again, seeing that we are boxed in, we need to stop what we are doing. If you are plowing away at old-world obligations that now suck your soul dry, you have got to stop what you were doing. This doesn’t mean you will never be able to do it again, but you won't be able to do it in the SAME WAY.

This energy can come as a rude awakening to people because doors are suddenly shut and locked, and it is JUST asking you to look around for a better path that doesn’t feel like only one option.

It may be that you just need to go out in nature and take a day off or quiet your mind from all the chaos. So think about this. The old you kept at it until complete, but the new you rising isn’t in any rush or race FOR ANYTHING. In 5D we have utter patience and trust in the processes. If one door closes, we realize it was NOT for us, and we just keep looking for another door that feels right. In the old world 3D ways, you do your all to bang that door down and NOT be shown another case of others trying to control YOU.

If you EVER think you are being controlled, you are locked in 3D. In 5D everything means something, and synchronicity is Queen. So letting go is what then gets you hearing what you need to do FROM THE INSIDE. Then when you follow one spark, your whole life becomes a spark inspiring you to do THIS THING or THAT mysterious thing.

You also will face something today that you recently did but that NOW needs you doing it better. So you may have had the steam to think this other choice was correct, but likely you were not valuing yourself or your time in the equation. So this swing around moment is to see if you REALLY want to continue with what now feels like it is a NO in your system.

It is BEST to be mutable and flexible -- and being TOO FIXED is very 3D because it becomes controlling. So go with the flow and don’t worry about letting anyone down who thinks you need to keep your word on what you THOUGHT you would be doing days or weeks or months ago. Things are always moving in 5D where rainbows dance beneath our feet inspiring us to come out of our comfort zone and create a life of joy. As we grow higher and more loving on the inside, we don’t choose what we chose in our past. So the NO must be on the rise in order to get to all the YES YES YES’s that bring new light to our eyes.

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