Moon in Capricorn & Aquarius ~ TUESDAY July 4

There is the element of things being timed and purposefully planned in order to create a negative response from the people. So know that the powers that be, that want to keep you small and insignificant and conservative with your thoughts and reach, are doing a BIG SHOW to try to get YOU to go low. This is all drama and snickers from behind as others watch to see how you will respond – and get triggered – and go mean just like others around you who are fully situated in 3D. The crabs are grabbing at the brave ones who are trying to rise up in vibration and they are DOING THEIR ALL to try to keep you from going anywhere new.

So just be aware that there is a new level of life going on and TRULY you can trust that IF you focus fully on the future and where you want to be, YOU WILL GET THERE. It is just that if you focus on the fear, you will get THERE.

We are instant manifestors now and what we vibe, we see. What we eat, we feel. What we are, rises to the surface to be celebrated OR healed. But things are happening QUICKLY to show you the truth of what we all need to see.

The wisdom of understanding 3D and 5D is really situating in the bodies of the people. It means we can see that fighting will NEVER get us what we dream. It will only hold us back in 3D. Don’t look at others who are making so many mistakes and try to correct them -because by default, you go down to that vibration when you want to CONTROL others and get them to see or be what you believe.

We lead by example and we need to encourage others to consistently embrace love, rather than reflecting their negative behavior. Fighting, hating, and being jealous only leads to defeat. Instead, we should reflect on these experiences and understand that they take us down to a place we don’t need to be. We don't have to stoop to lower levels when negative emotions are triggered in us. We should make peace with these emotions, wanting to understand why they surfaced, and use them as a mirror for self-reflection.

As influencers, our goal should be to guide others without forcing them to conform to our desires and beliefs. So we need to stop showing ourselves as low when we see low behaviors in others. In 5D, where we are SO MUCH HAPPIER, we vibrate what opens things in others. So we actively heal from doing the healing work that gets us vibing higher. Does that not help you clearly see where you need to be? Don’t fight what is there testing you to fight it. Choose your own vibration first and know that you matter most.

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