Moon in Aries & Taurus ~ MONDAY July 10

Today is going to tell you so much about where you really are on the healing journey. Be aware that this is a day that marks your growth – so consider that you are standing against the doorway to have your height measured. Whatever happens today is important. You will either feel on top of the world in thinking like you really are doing a good job with your life, OR you will feel so broken that you just want to give up.

You may see all these choices you made in your past that now clearly spell out disaster. If you do feel flattened by what you see, do your all to get back up and write out a plan for correction. There is NOTHING that is too far gone about you and we can heal in a heartbeat! So don’t beat yourself up for the baggage of moves made when you weren't able to make them appropriately! In the same way we can align so magically to those we are meant to cross paths with, SO TO is the perfection of moves made in your past that now feel like epic mistakes. It’s time to see that you needed what you got and that it ultimately was teaching you something to elevate you higher.

5D is when we hold the ultimate trust in the higher plan of why we are where we are. 3D is where we control and stay fixated at wanting one particular result. Say you are waiting for someone to get back with you, in 3D you keep pounding away as you lose sight of other things in life, staying focused only on thinking you NEED this thing from this other person. 5D is when we let it go and trust – knowing that ANY TIME we stay fixated in wanting ANYTHING from another, we drop down to 3D. 5D is where there is unlimited potential, and if someone is not getting back to us, we need to just pray that they eventually will, and go off to do something else. ANY acts of control in needing others to be a certain way takes you back down to 3D – and that is the LAST place your body wants you to be.

So use your words to paint poetry with the interpretations of why anything is not going your way. See that it WILL soon or see that you ARE working for your dreams, so they WILL manifest when the time is just right. Talk like you are NEVER a victim here and that it all means something that you don’t need to always understand. Let it go and climb higher. Take what you have learned and do it better. It will never behoove you to stay looking at what you did “wrong” from seeing it as wrong. We have to see that we maybe didn’t do our best, but that next time WE WILL. There is always a tomorrow to strive for where we WILL walk in the exalted ways of the wounded healer.

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