Moon in Aries ~ SUNDAY July 9

Actually – all those major tests continue today! You may feel like others are SO forceful or rude as they seem to be very self-focused and not really aware of what is going on around them. You may see people having big temper tantrums and blowing steam out of their ears. Something reached a new level where the pain of 3D is making it hard to function for MANY.

But that is okay! Everything 3D is what is NOT making us happy and what IS keeping us from stepping into the joy pool where things are manifesting so beautifully.

It's important not to feel envious of others who are experiencing positive things. With the shift in energy, this can bring you down and make you feel much worse than you would have two months ago. It's crucial to understand that feeling jealous is a result of an old wound from the past, which was planted in you to bring down those who were trying to improve their situation.

There was a feminist author who died in Taos recently named Lesley Michaels who wrote on this condition with women where they naturally try to destroy those who are rising higher and doing amazing things. There is a “virus” that runs in the feminine race, planted by the old world patriarchy (3D), to attack and belittle and disgrace THOSE THAT WE ARE JEALOUS OF – or THE TALL POPPY.

We are jealous because they seem to be doing something WE want to be doing. So by default, we don’t lift up and empower UNLESS we feel WE will get something in return. Otherwise, we talk with our gossipy friends, who match our same ethos, and we put down others that ARE the stars rising.

But as for the energy now, all that you do to hurt ANY woman, to destroy what they built because YOU feel envious of what they are going to do, is going to destroy YOU. Flat out, all the haters are going to be pushed down to a sublevel where there will be tons of pain to work out.

So notice that 3D is smashing mirrors in front of people who are falling for the old world manipulations that are working to keep people small -- and corporations as the leaders of what SHOULD be done. When corporations lead, there is no room to support THE PEOPLE – only the elite getting richer. Which then, they use all that money to media market false ideologies further amplifying trolls to get out there and distract the Tall Poppy from doing her magical thing.

SO BE AWARE. The forces are ON to get people who think they are small to do damage to those who know they are big. YOU ARE A BIG ONE, my love, and the haters may try to hurt you, but they are only hurting themselves, so try to muster up compassion as they battle their wounds and 3D programming. See that ultimately they WANT what you are doing. They want the freedom, the liberal and expansive mentality, and the HOPE that there IS a better day to work for. Those being manipulated don’t see any of that from their small position with all the small poppies making it impossible to see the light of day. Continue to grow higher, beautiful soul, and be brave as other crabs try to keep you in the bucket where they think we all should be. CLIMB OUT and kick them off of you with grace knowing they will try to do what they ARE trying to do. No surprise -- but DO continue to rise.

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