Moon in Aquarius ~ WEDNESDAY July 5

Now you may feel real out of sorts and triggered by SO MUCH!! We can feel super hyper-sensitive around this day where technology and dancing through the 3D model of communications now feels so annoying to do on the day-to-day. It’s like, we are in mud when doing what we used to do on the norm. Before we didn’t notice its density, now it feels like prison to our souls, our arms, our shoulders, our brain.

This is how all things will be that don’t match the 5D visions you have for yourself. We have been seeded with the truth that we can have so much more. But now we are going through the carwash with all the drying strips that flap us and block us from seeing anything. We can feel super disoriented and with vertigo because so much is happening but we really can't see the way.

This is 3D trying to stop you from getting to your new view. So trust the car wash and FEEL but don’t react. Process but don’t make any moves. The car wash of oppression where all the low vibing things are trying to make you sad and furious. So just let them take a few punches but see that they are the actors in a haunted house Halloween tour and know that they can't hurt you – they just want to scare you.

So don’t be scared, be a neutral witness and just rate them for their acting abilities! The real good ones holding low vibes, be like wow, that was a really good rendition, and laugh with how it’s more proof of where you don’t want to be.

See that others are actors in a play that needs you staying cool and trusting your climb up the mountain. Tests happen because we do need to learn the material. We get out of our karma addictions when we don’t think about them anymore -- and we stop thinking about them when they are healed and corrected in our system. So be neutral with what others give you and keep making the shifts and upgrades and let go processes that get you to where things feel empowering and where you just want to dance or sing or tune into how beautiful everything feels.

There is a NO and there is a YES. We all are being tested to find what is NOT DRY and desert barren but LUSH and energy amplifying. It’s okay for you to go towards the good. It’s okay to expect good things even if you only saw nothing. It's okay to believe that things HAVE CHANGED. Come forward sweet baby and embrace the new way that life can be. That old story CAN be buried and put to rest. New vibes rise through walking a test.

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