Full Moon in Capricorn ~ MONDAY July 3

Oh hello moon! We love when you go Full in Capricorn! This means, be prepared for an intensely emotional full moon that will reveal the corrupt nature of outdated programming. Its sole purpose is to instill fear and keep people feeling small.

This awakening will expose the limitations that we have been conditioned to believe, thereby preventing us from manifesting a life of joy and ease in the 5D realm. The outer world's cold and heartless vision for the future will become very apparent. The noise of 3D distractions will increase, attempting to keep us from aligning with higher vibrations -- and thus giving up on our dreams.

SO. What you need to know is that the LIGHT HAS ALREADY WON and THAT is why things are getting loud in trying to knock you off the higher platforms. It is the ultimate trickster move that tests you all as you strive for your best life. Think of the crabs and how they pull down the ones trying to get OUT of the bucket. So much in the world is operating in this way so as to get you giving up.

You may look around and feel that people are being programmed by dark forces – and you are correct. So MOVE AWAY from those who just want to fight and tear everyone else down. Why do trolls go to pages of people doing the opposite and bring their opinions of how wrong they feel the person is? Why do they even want to fight? Because they are on the dark team, and they are here to try to get you furious and fixated in trying to make your point. They are there by design and are a part of the plan to see if you are ready to let it go and not dance with those who just want to see you fail. There is love and there is hate. We do not vibrate hate in the 5D as that is a sure sign that you are locked in 3D.

So thank the ones bringing awareness to how you TOO can go low, but stop in your tracks and remove yourself from this dance that never will get you to where you want to be. Hatred is 3D and it HURTS to vibe so lowly. Walk away with grace and be an example of how great it can be when you aren’t being programmed by old-world forces operating through deceit and greed to keep the people vibing where dreams DO NOT take place.

What you see is spooky illusion -- and it will backfire. It will create something that gets the Love Beings to Vibrate Higher.

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